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"The Unmoving Sky" by K. L. Hallam

NOTA: Este post vai ser em inglês, de forma a facilitar a compreensão da autora e editora. De qualquer maneira, o tradutor está disponível na barra lateral.

Happy Book Release Day, K. L. Hallam!!

Today, this amazing YA/Thriller book is published and I'm so eager to read it!! I think you should be too!!

Here's the blurb:

"There is nothing darker than the woods, until you meet your worst fear.
Jackson Bower has a lot on his mind lately. His younger brother hasn’t been the same since his mother’s death. His father’s drinking is out of control. Then there’s Jackson’s girlfriend and the grief that ties them together even as it threatens to drive them apart.

He distances himself, hoping for a little perspective at the family lodge. But when their father gets drunk and dangerous, he and his brother escape into the woods.

Night creeps in, and the rains come fast. Artie slips down a ravine. He’s wounded and the brothers seek shelter in a cave, only to find someone else already taking refuge there.

A desperate man with plans to destroy their town.

Jackson must get him and his wounded brother out of the cave and over the mountain to warn everyone in time. Without getting them both killed first."

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Sounds amazing, right? <3 <3

Now, a little bit about this fantastic author: K. L. Hallam.

K.L. Hallam, an air force brat as a young child, who moved around to more schools than she can list, gathering the stories that would connect to her heart. She writes MG, YA, and short fiction, or anything she hasn’t tried, a member of SCBWI, a singer and songwriter, illustrator and mother of two teenagers. She lives in New York City and spends her mornings writing in a Jazz club.                                                                                         
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Well, guys, if you have fallen in love with this book as much as I did, here's a the trailer, which will grab you by the heart and make you want to buy it immediately!


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